A Little About Chantell

Each time I brush on that last section of color, or cut that final hair, I ask myself "could you have imagined yourself doing this 10 years ago?" I got into the hair styling industry on a whim. While working at a job that made me miserable, I knew I wanted something more, but had no clue what. One day I drove past the cosmetology school and noticed the girls walking out. I said to myself "I kind of look like them, I could probably do that." The next day I made an appointment to see what I needed to do to join. I gave my job a month's notice, and started on the journey. Since graduating Toni&Guy Academy in 2012, I knew this was the career for me. Having the freedom to be creative and innovative on a daily basis has allowed me to express myself on many levels. By continuously looking for and learning the newest styles and techniques, I've been able to create my own color placements and be inspired to educate others. I'm most passionate about balayage and freehand painting methods. Also, I love to play with vivid fashion color combos and melts. Thriving on trying something new, or mastering a classic, I enjoy doing at all.

So that's me, an imaginative, silly, inspired and quirky weirdo, with the ambition to do awesome hair!


Chantell is the only person I trust with my hair! She's so talented!!! She listens to everything you ask for and is current on all the trends. Not to mention she's funny and super easy to be around! - Rachel Kompier